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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 10, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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yes, america has lost a former first lady but i lost my mother, and i'm happy for her that she is -- that she's with my fathe now. >> mrs. reagan l in repose her funeral tomorrow. patty is speaking out in an "today" interview shot yest after she was at her mother's prayer service. >> anything left unsaid or did you get everything did she get everything out? >> i think so, but i get now w i behaved the way i did and why i acted out in the way i did and wrote things i wish i could remove from the face of the earth but i can't. >> that acting out could be called a mother's worst nightmare. you see the back story is mrs. reagan was already pregnant when she and patty when the pr said i do. patty looked at her as a dearest. she wrote that mrs. reagan hit her. the white house daughter had smoked marijuana by 15 and had an addiction to pills. she for pla "e.t." was
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on set for the photo shoot. >> do good work. it's what i was born to do. >> there's been so much written about incredible love story and that everybody else really was outside the two of them. did you feel like that as children? >> very aware of that. the feeling was like if a band of begin si gypsys took me and they would miss us. >> patty will deliver tomorrow's eulogy along with her brother ron. she postedda tribute. patty revealed that mrs. reagan would keep the tv on all the time. the volume turned high just so she would feel lessalone. >> you know my parents were sort of two halves of a circle. they kind of completed one another. where i came to in my life with her was to be for her that she had this great love in
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her life. >> of course, we'll be there for the service and we'll have cameras inside and talk to the famous faces. we're expected toattend. included is first lady laura bush, hillary clinton, and michelle obama. busy night in hollywood last night. >> that's right i was at the hollywood premier with "miracles from heaven." jennifer garner write up the red carpet in an oscar d de de la renta. she was stunning. it gave me a chance to talk to her. all was gracious and courteous. jen posed the same in her vanity fair article. >> very lovi thank you. >> jen puts her heart on the screen in the new f miracles from heaven. she plays beam and her
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sick daughter anna bell is cured after an accident. have yourrgirls seen thefilm? >> i kids haven't seen it yet. i hope they t message of hope and encourage and kind of that you can march through hard things one foot in front of the other. one step at a time. the real anna bell and kristy were there. i hooked them up with a real celebrity selfie. >> can i orchestgestrate thi-- selfie? the beafamily's day in hollywood. they look pretty comfortable up there on the red carpet. before they hit the pre they stopped by "e.t." for a chat and got in-depth ab their daughter's miracle and how she met jesus. check out angel devil combo. last night in beverly hills
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kaley coco's revenge body on point in this cut out dress. she was fearless on stage at the benefit for the alzheimer's association. anything for a good cause. ♪ >> get your ear plugs ready. ♪ >> kaley's big bang gang on hang for the preshow warning. >> we're doing a little medley from grease. ♪ >> and the jimmy -- i don't know part. >> god help all of you and us. ♪ >> i think kaley said it best on instagram. nailed i hats and shirts off for going full jim morrisson. ♪ >> rock and roll will never di nobody knows when janet jackson will be belting out h hits again. the fans are concerned.
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janet just postponed a european back home. tour and she flew >> she was hammered with health questions yesterday at lax after scheduling difficulties. jackson told it will be postponed soon. she had surgery for an undisclosed condit janet had to previously deny cancer rumors after indicated that doctors found a growth vocal cords. meanwhile -- last night bieber kicked off tour. he took a seattle approach launching the tour with this grunge look. the screaming girls, stunts, sing along, and in true bieber fashion a s wet strip
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show. the biebs is up for three kids' choice awards this weekend and expect similar screens from one happy blakeshelton. on saturday will be before the premier of school ofrock. no spots for blake's lady? >> i think she should be here. i'm going to be looking for her. >> today stefani took her family to disney land snap chatting away and she s out about her relationship telling the new york times that more than half the tracks on her album are about a new love. one other note quick. congratulations to adam levine and his wife. a source close confirmed they're expecting their first child. >> we did an interview and i could have sworn i saw the makings of a little baby. >> it's a baby bump. still ahead has o.j. simpson talked to khloe kardashian from
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prison? new claims of their secret phone calls.. >> what would they talk about? plus nancy's weight loss girl talk oprah and her inspirational surprise for these women losing pounds without losing themselves. all new scenes from captain ameri our onset e with scarlett johansson
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we'll be right back. 0- if celebrating an "e
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birthday today oliva wilde is
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happy birthday, ladies. >> sit down. final warning. >> i could do this all day. >> that's new action released today from captain america civil war. there's a lot of fighting going on but they had a blast on set. especially don cheadle and robert downey jr are good buddies. the bruises are all over. >> i spoke about sommthing to do with civil war and don touched >> you just started a war. >> it's funny. you don't have a scratchyou. >> now i'm lo, i'm looking good
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>> not for the new trailer generated around 400,000 youtube views the first hour after the release today. >> i was wrong about you. don cheadle may be damaged goods for now but he's fighting the fight ondowney. >> ouage. >> that's appropriate. >> are you the bad guy? >> i'm not the bad guy. look. as long as we're not against each other, i don't care what happens. >> i'm not the one thaa needs to watch their back. >> joining team down aey is scarlett johansson. >> you're good friends with iron man and captain america. hoo do you hit? >> i flip acoin. i would like to know when the l.a. ti last time you had sleep.
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>> that's my actual super powers. i can just go with sleep. >> and check out direct anthony and joseph russo's newest edition to team downey. heveryone. i know you're probably wondering who was the masked man. i'm going to tell yo he's 19-year-old english tom hollin and he's starring in spiderman next year. how the stars are jus like us. buying their own flowers. >> i've had a couple in my day. oprah's weight loss reveal. >> yeah, oprah! o.j.'s former prison guard speaks. what he's about the new investigation. the. >> conversations we had he would say to me th stays between us. now it stays between us and "e.t." >> do not go away.
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closed cooperationing provi in-g provided by --
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as stars prove to be just like us in their everyday lives we present rondaous rousey pum pp in sweats and sneakers. a far from her fighting gear. who doesn't spend a out with their father-in-law. it's ash tton kicking it with mila's father. they're kicking it at a basketball's game. here is sophia ve dressed casually but the prada bag costs about $2,0 they love buying flowers for the special someone. look at michelle she just broke up so maybe she's loving up herself. >> they wear -- >> nancy sat down with oprah earlier this week.
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i want you to listen to w oprah said after they were done with their conversation. >> my pants are too big! >> okay, kevin. big deal for guys too. now we have oprah on the cover of o magazine with nine other luck ladies who share oprah's desire, and kevin, to slim >> we have ten people on the cover. they think they're doing a shoot by themselves. maybe they won't recognize me with my glasses. [ laughter ] >> so you think you're just doing a photo shoot on loss for oprah's magazine, which is pretty cool to begin with. then happens. the tears, of course, meant the make up team had to run in for touch ups but how great isthat? >> i'm on the cover of o magazine with opera touching me. >> it's insane. >> when she got ttere, it was a party. music was blaring, adel playing in the background, oprah was singing along, were
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dancing. >> it was my idea to share the cover with other women who are on the same journey that i am. that's actualll women who to lose weight and want to make their health their priority. we want to embrace new life. >> i'm losing weight because i want to get pregnant. >> i want to get back into a bikini. and keep up with my busy 6 year-old. >> the april issue features o o regular women ranging ages from 15 to 49 joins forces to get fit together. radio personality jenny hud struggled with her all her life and said oprah is an inspiration. >> she's doing it with us. we had to wear unitard and she put one on, too. she was generous and warm. i'll never forget >> see you on the cover! >> oprah said loves bread and eats it every day. >> o.j. simpson is back in the news again thanks to his miniseries on fx about his
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trial. while we're getting a lot of insight about onl's life in the '90s. what about o.j. today? i sat down with a man named jeffrey felxi he claimed that he and became close when he worked as prison guard in neva he's telling us about his many alleged. information about the rusted knife that was discovered at o.j.'s former home. >> there was a knife found at o.j.'s residence recently. what did o.j. think of that discovery? >> my confidential informant letting me kn he's walking around and has a new saying. if the glove doesn't fit you must acquit. o.j. simpson is saying if the knife is rusted, i can't be busted. >> before retiring lastfall, prison guard jeffrey felix claims that he and o.j. were
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extremely close. >> woul he talk to you anything? >> everything. >> simpson is serving time in a nevada prison for a 2008 kidnapping and robbery conviction in las vegas. the sentence came 13 to the day after he was acquitted of the murders of his wife and her friend nicole simpson and ron goldman. the case is back in the spotlight wi popularity of fx's "the people versus o.j. simpson." >> what does o.j. think? >> that they have good acting but the actor port him has too small of a head, too short, not musculenough, and not as good looking as o.j. >> brace yourself for felix' biggest bombshell claim. it's about o.j.'s relationship khloe kardashian. he talks khloe kardashian, least once a wee the phone. >> why? >> according to him, they are very tight. > >> i don't know. i think that koe wshe could be
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daughter. >> that mean that o.j. would have had to have an affair with krjenner. >> yes. absolutely. >> i asked him. my mom is a big kardashian family. i said, look, it's not for me. my mom wants to know if she's your daughter. he looked and straight up told me i would never that to my friend bob. >> want to do a test. >> the issue was addressed on season seven of keeping up with the kardashians. the family gave dna samples but chlkhloe kardashianrefused. >> would you feel better if we did a dna test? >> are you sure? >> no. i don't care either way. >> the phone call claims are unfabricated and untrue. we reached out o o.j.'s attorney who told us, quote, this information is neither accurate nor truthful. mr. simpson does not communicate with any kardashian. >> if you can say anything to
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o.j. now, i'm going to let you look in the camera and say a message to o.j. >> i'm sorry i'm doing this to you. i did tell you i was writing a book. when you get o we're going to play golf and i'll pay for it. >> when o.j. initially about the book he said their tee time was off. apparently made up and it's back on again. the main thing is i can't believe that o.j. is happy about this book. >> i think you're right. i can't believe he is either. stick around. we'll be right back. 0-
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jennifer aniston opens up revealing why marriage hasn't changed her relationship. and her secret to staying young. plus "star wars" leading fires back at body shamers. why she refuses to apologize for how she looks. kesha's mom speaks out. her startling new interview details the singer's alleged abuse by producer dr. luke. she said daughter was his, quote, prisoner." all on et 0- another exclusive. the i ddivergent series with a of stwomen. >> i asked myles teller and theo
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james who they admire. take a listen as we say good night. >> who are the important female role models in your everyday life? >> i have say my mum. she's a very stronwoman. she brought up five kids and had a career job as well. i have sisters as well. i a lot of female role models. >> everybody kept you in shape. >> they did. they definitely did. >> mom and grandmo two sisters. i was raised by twowomen.
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